How to unpack and setup your HP Designjet T520 printer



A short video to assist you on unpacking and setting up your HP Designjet T520 printer / plotter. 0845 0770 787 [email protected]

Music by Kevin MacLeod ( - Mining by Moonlight.
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

A short video demonstrating how to unpack, assemble and set up your new HP DesignJet T520. Ideally it requires 2 people with magnetised screwdrivers. The process is video recorded at high speed showing simple tips such as assembling the stand and media bin first, using magnetised screwdrivers to avoid losing screws in the works, and then fitting the stand to the printer while it is still upside down and encased in the box. Once the stand has been affixed, the video demonstrates the box, printer and stand being upturned together into an upright position. Next the video shows the removal of all the packaging, noting some packaging has been placed inside the printer and needs to be removed before you switch the machine on. The packaging having been removed, watch how the paper tray is simply fitted and then filled with paper ready for the Printhead alignment. Next, watch how the printer is plugged into the mains (using the anti-surge plug) and the language and country settings are completed, followed by the insertion of the ink cartridges, alignment of the printheads and pulling out of the output tray before printing. Last, but not least, the preferred printer connections are set up for wireless, wired or USB. JOB DONE!