Installing a Car Audio Capacitor with REM Terminal



Purchased yet another generic Chinese-made product this time a necessary upgrade to mobile audio system. The device is labeled as Boschmann 2.0 Farad car audio capacitor. It has a 3rd terminal labeled as ACC or REM in some other products and must be connected to the head unit's REM terminal as well to turn the device on. This capacitor works automatically and does not need pre-charging. It turns on and off just in time together with the head unit and subwoofer amplifier.

Installation timeline:
00:00 - Remove back carpet
00:12 - Openand remove battery panel cover and disconnect positive cable.
00:25 - Open electrical component section.
00:30 - Strip and solder ring connector on negative cable on an 8 AWG cable.
00:45 - Solder like a pro! :)
01:00 - Soldered and heat shrunk ring connectors on 8 gauge wire.
01:28 - Screw down capacitor into an MDF scrap board.
01:55 - Attach battery negative cable.
02:00 - Strip REMOTE or ACC cable.
02:10 - Solder and heat shrink ring connector into REM cable.
02:50 - Connect positive cable to battey.
02:55 - Capacitor power on test. No pre-charging needed.
03:05 - Connect subwoofer amplifier power and REM cables.
04:00 - Sony XS-NW1200 subwoofer in a test subwoofer box for testing.
04:12 - Church the French Bulldog is helping. :)
04:30 - Final connection of JBL Stage 1010 ported powered subwoofer into system.
04:45 - How to cable management on a Suzuki Multicab subwoofer.
05:20 - Final look of the whole cable management neatness. :)

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