Vaagn Tadevosyan, Sabina Gadzhibabaeva, Dancing Hall studio.



Everything can be sung in the songs, written in the books, shot in the film, performed in the choreography and created in the image. Any kind of art is able to talk to people and speak different languages.
Julia Boutros - Enzaa Wajhal Kathibi. The greatest extent of responsibility for this song and events that are sung about by the singer didn’t let me alone from the very beginning. To create choreography about the pain, losses, hope, devotion to the Homeland and fight for the justice...
Every word in the song gave me the creeps and answered to the subtle soul vibrations.
It took me a long time to bring myself to this choreography. Specific lexis of the dance, costume and Pop Oriental dance genre made the work more complicated.
But any story can be interpreted by the dance. Don’t consider it as a typical belly dancing. Try to see the stage dancing art in it. We started the work together with my professional colleagues (Kristina Shishkina and Olesya Shishkina) and talented dancer (Sabina Gadzhibabaeva) with deep respect to the feelings of the song heroes.
The dance debut took place on the floor of the Russian Championship 2019 (ARDO) where our work was presented with dignity.
Julia Boutros_Take off the lying face
Take off the face of lying of you
And shut up, your words hurt me
I've tasted the bitterness out of you
Who said you protect me?
The sons of freedom are my people
Those who were born out of the rage
The most honest people and heritage
Heroes, their blood protects me
Take off, take off the face of lying
In the face of the enemies they stood up
And the fear is terrified of them
They chose the honor of the martyrdom
But does't death count
The duty called them and they responded
Over the sand of the homeland they fell
The glories of history they've written
Names which stayed in my longing
Take off, take off the face of lying